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Industrial Caterers
Oil and Gas Operations and Shipping
Remote and Distributed Locations

Industrial Caterers

CSS fills an essential gap in the catering industry that most other suppliers are unable to service because they lack the resources and expertise to execute successfully.

That’s why engaging CSS to handle your catering supply requirements brings distinct advantages.  Our procurement
knowledge coupled with an extensive distribution network actually makes your life easier while conferring considerable savings on administration.  Services

For example, we were contracted to supply and deliver 15,000 hampers throughout the Western Cape, to the needy, on behalf of the Department of Social Welfare.  After being chosen over other catering supply companies, we organised the 600 tons of provisions and employed 250 local workers to pack the hampers.  We then organised four forklifts and 40 trucks, each with a load capacity of 34 tons to distribute the hampers, meeting the contract specifications exactly on time.  The project was a resounding success that saved millions, made possible by our careful approach to customer service that is unparalleled in the catering industry.

Oil and Gas Operations

By the very nature of its geographical spread, oil and gas companies face challenges that exist in no other industry.  Sites are normally difficult to access or are sited in isolated areas.  Moreover, the complex logistics and regulations associated with off-shore installations makes catering supply a highly specialised enterprise. .

CSS maintains an expert service to the oil and gas industry with:

  • Certification from customs and port authorities to supply offshore platforms and ships and oil rigs.
  • Full membership of the Oil and Gas alliance
  • In depth knowledge of the industries specific requirements
  • South African exporter accreditation
  • Proficiency in organising custom refrigeration to carry food to oil rigs from land.
  • Rapid turnaround of even special orders (we have been known to supply the full complement of supplies for an oil rig within 14 days)

We can also service installations with complex delivery and sourcing requirements.  For example, we supplied a Shell International oil rig off the South African coast via their supplier based in Scotland.  We sourced numerous local and international products and delivered to such a high standard that the client, a large facilitator, commented that he’d never experienced such good service anywhere else in the world.  Everything was supplied, even special brand orders, exactly to specification and on time.


Our specialised skills and accreditations in supplying the oil and gas industry translate directly to a ship chandler service so we can also supply ships in port.

Mining Operations

Mining operations have to sustain a workforce which can expand and contract dramatically between the construction and production phase of a mine.  This demands a flexible approach to logistics and organisation, especially when operations are in isolated, hard to reach areas.

One example of our proven effectiveness in this area is successfully servicing a mine in remotest Nam
.  The site was located 200km into the desert and service was further complicated with having an international border to negotiate.  We not only dealt with customs regulations, road transport and refrigeration but also advised the client on which items were subject to strict import / export controls, suggesting alternatives where appropriate.

The delighted client had the following to say:

‘We were contracted to provide full turnkey services to handle the catering / village management in support of construction activities on the Skorpion Project at Rosh Pinah, Namibia. At the start of the project we were contracted to provide full facilities management services for approximately 2,500 residents, this eventually grew to 3400 residents.

Catering Supply Services have been very responsive in meeting the need and working with ESS. Catering Supply Services were initially listed to provide and supply of catering stock items, which ranged from dry to frozen items. Additional supply and logistical support quickly to addition of non-catering items, which included an extensive range of items e.g. furniture, refrigeration units etc.

Catering Supply Services have been very professional in executing requirements placed on them and have shown great flexibility in addressing the many logistical and supply problems related with the difficult location of the project.

Their efforts contributed to the success of our operations of the Skorpion Project and I look forward to continued business relations with Johann and his team.’

Mark McLean

Catering for Africa

Supplying across the African continent is an undertaking of staggering proportions.  There are over thirty million square kilometres of landmass connected by substandard road networks linking dozens of countries.   Not surprisingly, with a complex array of governmental and import regulations, many African countries remain under-serviced by international suppliers.  This is because Africa is often considered a low priority when compared with other less challenging, but more lucrative, European markets.

Countries like Nigeria, Angola, Namibia, Eritrea, Liberia and Ivory Coast have all contracted CSS to support their catering requirements.  It’s a business unit we value highly and why we are able to handle procurement and logistics quickly and efficiently across Africa. 

By consistently increasing market share throughout Africa our expertise grows as we keep up-to-date with ever changing issues - all of which can dramatically and unexpectedly affect how we source and supply both food and non-food items. This specialisation even brings us to consult on the viability of supplying remote African sites for new ventures.  And because our supply chain is so effective we can source a diverse range of products from compressors, refrigeration, chemicals, stoves, washing machines, tyres, coffee machines, alternators, switches, and even pharmaceutical products for hospitals.  We deal with regulations from the Department of Agriculture, Port Health and Customs and still deliver across Africa within 7 days.  And as we are so often told, our African customers ask CSS to supply them because they cannot get the same service and reliability anywhere else in the world. 

Remote and Distributed Supply

CSS’s proven skill in supplying out-of-the-way areas has led to us servicing countries right across the world.

As well as our focus on Africa and sites with special requirements we also supply countries in the Far East and South America; extending as far South as to provide complete provisions for Antarctic research stations

Our company is currently providing catering services to the two main hospitals in Namibia which results in the usage of a great variety of supplies.  Catering Supply Services is currently our main supplier regarding these products.

It is with great pleasure to commend them on the professionalism which they extend to their clients in such matters including delivery time, product quality and availability and service.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Johann and Blyth for their undisputable commitment towards our business relationship.

F. Immelman
Roynam Catering Services

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